How to choose a perfect mattress for yourself

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How to choose a perfect mattress for yourself

Mattress gives an extra comfort to you when you are on bed. Mattresses are being adapted not only for comfort but also because of its body ache relief qualities. There are mattresses available almost everywhere in the market but have you ever thought choosing a wrong mattress for yourself can not only increase your body pain but can result in discomfort and sleepless nights. Hence, choosing a right mattress for your bed is essential in order to a comfortable and relaxing sleep over night. Everything matters from the material used to make the mattress to the kind of coils and foams used to design the mattress. Here i will guide you “How to buy a perfect mattress for yourself”

Factors to consider while buying a mattress:

Your sleeping position

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Everyone have their own sleeping position and your sleeping position plays a main role in helping you choose a perfect mattress for yourself. Whether it might be side, back or stomach, Your mattress will change according to your sleeping position.

Side position sleepers:

Medium firmness matters the most for people who are side sleepers. They more often are tend to change their position from one side to another. Hence, side sleepers need a mattress which should be firm and soft. The firmness level should be around 4-6 out of 10 (Where 10 is most firm). More softer mattress cannot give support to the body curves of side sleepers. If you are a side sleeper then go for the mattress which is not much firm and harder with medium level of softness.

Back position sleepers:

If you are a back position sleeper you need both firmness and support to your back. More softer mattress will not be a good choice as it may not give your back and spinal cord. Buying more softer mattress may lead to back pain and sleepless night. The firmness level should be from 5-7 out of 10 (Where 10 is most firm).

Stomach position sleepers:

Stomach position sleepers don’t want their stomach to get hurt as a result they go for more softer mattress. More softness in the middle of the mattress can curve their spine which may result in back pain. If you are a stomach position sleeper the firmness level should be from 5-7 out of 10 (where 10 is most firm) same as back position sleepers.

Your body weight matters

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Weight (68 kilograms or even less)

A little more softer than the regular ones. The firmness level should be 1.5-2 lower than the regular firmness level (5-7).

Weight (68-90 kilograms)

You don’t have to worry much on choosing a perfect mattress. Most of the mattress in the market is designed according to this body weight. You can go with the regular firmness level (5-7).

Weight (90 kilograms or even more)

Your body weight puts more stress on the mattress. The firmness level should be more than the normal firmness level (5-7). Don’t just go with this logic, instead you can try different mattress according to your body comfort level to choose the perfect mattress.

Types of mattress:

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Memory mattress:

Memory mattress gives you more on support and comfort. Memory mattress is good for people who are side sleepers. Memory foam is famous for its qualities and several layers of foam which will help to comfort human body while sleeping. It provides your shoulder and back an extra support and comfort which will help you with a peaceful sleep overnight.

Coil mattress:

Coil mattress is pocketed with springs or coils with foam. The level and intensity of the coil changes according to the usage and purpose of mattress. Generally more coil means more comfort. Coil mattress is great for people who need bouncy surface with firm edge.

Pillow top mattress:

A mattress with extra level of soft material above the coil which results in extra soft feel and great comfort to your body. People who enjoy more softer and fluffy surface to sleep can always go with pillow top mattress.